Denali Photography Trip.

Our journey through the park

Denali is the largest land mass outside of water on planet Earth and the highest mountain peak in North America. Both the north and south peaks are visible in this picture (about 2 miles apart). We were very fortunate on our tour, because the entire mountain is only visible about 5% of the time because of clouds. This image is a combination of about 20 seperate images taken with a powerful 400 mm zoom lens to retain detail. A typical RAW camera file is about 20 MB, and this image is about 2.0 GB. This should make nice enlargements if anyone is interested


A beautiful hike with my brother in Denali National Park. Savage River Alpine trail. 3900+ feet altitude



Denali with Reflections Pond in the foreground


Grizzly bear. Small compared to their coastal counterparts



Stay tuned for more better quality photos to appear on the website!